The Open Program

The NCWC open program is aimed at athletes aged thirteen and up. While we do allow younger wrestlers to participate in open practices based on skill, experience, and ability, we recommend athletes who have not yet started high school start out in the youth program before considering moving up to the open program.

These practices are intended to prepare athletes for competition at the cadet, juvenile, junior, and senior levels, although we encourage participation from athletes whether or not they are interested in competing. We have wrestlers who come to practice for purposes of competition, but also to cross-train for other sports, to enhance their physical fitness and stay in shape, to benefit socially, and to just enjoy the sport of wrestling. If they are age thirteen or older, we accept male and female wrestlers at all levels of experience and ability.

Open Program Schedule

Monday and Wednesday: 6-8 PM, St. Patrick's High School (2525 Alta Vista Drive)

Saturday: 10 AM-noon, St. Patrick's High School (2525 Alta Vista Drive)

Sunday: 1:30-3:30 PM,  École élémentaire et secondaire publique Maurice-Lapointe (17 Bridgestone Drive)