NCWC News, 2017/2018

Ontario Cup, July 8th

Ismail Ayyoub: 3-0, gold

Yasmina Younes: 2-1, silver

Laila Seed-Desai: 0-2, bronze

Samey Al Beajan: 0-2

Ziad Saif El Nasr: 0-2

Ontario Youth Wrestling Festival, April 21st
Novice results
Cameron Snyder: 4-0, gold

Kid results
Kathryn Robinson: 2-0, gold
Kristina Robinson: 2-0, gold
Titus Diceman: 2-2, bronze

Bantam results
Gabrielle Chartrand: 2-0, gold
Cadet/Juvenile National Championships, April 13th-15th
The NCWC sent seven wrestlers to Edmonton, Alberta for the 2018 Cadet and Juvenile Canadian Championships. They had an excellent performance, showing extraordinary growth of the club. The NCWC also helped to coach Jolie Brisco, Teagan Tabbert, Lily Warren, and Savana Pinsent, who are wrestlers from the Valley Vipers and have trained in the NCWC practice room throughout the season. The NCWC would especially like to congratulate Savana on her gold medal in the cadet freestyle division!

Cadet Freestyle results
Ismail Ayyoub: 4-0, gold
Matt Vecchio: 3-2, fourth
Virginie Clement: 1-2, sixth
Ty Hartley: 0-2

Juvenile Freestyle results
Jessica Hong: 1-1, silver
Bailey Agard: 3-2, fifth
Taha Chahrour: 2-2

Cadet Greco results
Ismail Ayyoub: 3-0, gold
Ty Hartley: 2-1, silver

Juvenile Greco results
Bailey Agard: 2-0, gold
Taha Chahrour: 3-2, fourth

UWW Cadet Trials results
Jessica Hong: 1-2
Team Impact Durham Classic, March 31st
Cameron Snyder: 3-0, gold
Titus Diceman: 1-0, gold (kid age group), 0-3 (bantam age group)
Alexandra Samson: 0-3, silver
Kristina Robinson: 2-2, bronze
Kathryn Robinson: 0-2, bronze

Montreal Open, March 24th

Taha Chahrour: 4-0, gold

Abdullah "DJ" Rahmatullah: 3-0, gold

Ismail Ayyoub: 3-0, gold

Ty Hartley: 2-0, gold

Cameron Snyder: 2-0, gold

Titus Diceman: 2-0, gold

Virginie Clement: 2-1, silver

Rebecca Leaman: 1-1, silver

Ovindu Thilakarathna: 1-2, bronze

Ziad El-Nasr: 1-2, bronze

Ovini Thilakarathna: 0-2, bronze

Alex Jones: 1-2

Ahmed Mohammed: 1-3

Samey Al Beajan: 1-3

Gillian Diceman: 0-2

Junior National Championships, March 16th

Jessica Hong: 3-0, gold

Kordell Reddick: 0-3, sixth

OFSAA Championships, March 5th-7th

The NCWC, and Ottawa wrestling in general, had its best OFSAA performance in recent history in 2018. Congratulations as well to ex-NCWC wrestler Evan Walker, who won a gold medal for Sacred Heart High School, making Ottawa's gold medal count a total of four!

Jessica Hong: 4-0, gold

Ismail Ayyoub: 4-0, gold

Taha Chahrour: 4-0, gold

Matt Vecchio: 3-1, silver

Abdullah "DJ" Rahmatullah: 4-2, fourth

Bailey Agard: 3-2, fourth

Ahmed Mohammed: 3-2

Yasmina Younes: 3-2

Charlotte Smith: 2-2

Milton March Madness, March 3rd
Cameron Snyder: 3-0, 2 gold medals in both the novice and kid age groups
Titus Diceman: 2-1 for silver in the kid age group, 1-2 for bronze in the bantam age group
Gillian Diceman: 1-2, silver
Rebecca Leaman: 1-3

Lexus Titans Youth Classic, February 17th

Titus Diceman: 2-1, gold

Cameron Snyder: 3-1, silver

Kristina Robinson: 2-1, silver

Mitchell Robinson: 1-2, silver

Kathryn Robinson: 0-2

Renfrew Rumble, February 10th
Ty Hartley: 5-0, 2 gold medals in 2 weight classes
Cameron Snyder: 3-0, gold
Virginie Clement: 3-0, gold
Mitchell Robinson: 3-0, gold
Kathryn Robinson: 3-0, gold
Gillian Diceman: 0-0, gold
Titus Diceman: 0-0, gold
Ahmed Mohammed: 3-1, silver
Kristina Robinson: 2-1, silver
Anthony Simonaitis: 2-1, silver
Bertun Sipahi: 0-2, silver
Ovindu Thilakarathna: 2-2, bronze
Alex Samson: 0-2, bronze
Gabrielle Chartrand: 0-2, bronze
Owen Clement: 0-2, bronze

Cadet/Juvenile Provincial Championships, February 3rd

The NCWC had a very successful weekend at the 2018 Cadet/Juvenile Provincial Championships in Brampton. The team finished tenth out of 39 teams overall, and the juvenile girls finished second overall. Congratulations to all who participated!

Juvenile results

Taha Chahrour: 3-0, gold

Jessica Hong: 2-0, gold

Bailey Agard: 2-0, gold

Ahmed Mohammed: 0-2

Omer Kartal: 0-2

Cadet results

Ismail Ayyoub: 3-0, gold

Matt Vecchio: 1-1, silver

Mitchell Robinson: 2-1, bronze

Ty Hartley: 3-2, fifth

Yasmina Younes: 2-2, fifth

Fiona Kirby: 1-2

Gabrielle Chartrand: 0-2

Junior Provincial Championships, January 27th

Jessica Hong: 1-0, gold

Abdullah Rahmatullah: 1-2, fifth

Kordell Reddick: 0-1

K-Bay Open, January 13th

Ismail Ayyoub: 4-0, gold

Ty Hartley: 4-0, gold

Bailey Agard: 3-0, gold

Cameron Snyder: 3-0, gold

Virginie Clement: 1-0, gold

Titus Diceman: 0-0, gold

Abdullah Rahmatullah: 2-1, silver

Ahmed Mohammed: 1-2, bronze

Gillian Diceman: 0-3

Matmen Classic, December 9th

Jessica Hong: 3-0, gold

Ismail Ayyoub: 4-0, gold (cadet); 3-1, bronze (juvenile)

Cameron Snyder: 2-1, silver

Titus Diceman: 1-2, bronze

Kathryn Robinson: 0-2, silver

Kristina Robinson: 0-2, silver

Mitchell Robinson: 2-2, bronze

Charlotte Smith: 0-2, bronze

Bailey Agard: 1-2

Ty Hartley: 2-2

Ahmed Mohammed: 3-2

Abdullah Rahmatullah: 0-2

Gillian Diceman: 0-2

Bill MacLeod Memorial Wrestling Tournament, December 2nd

Jessica Hong: 2-0, gold

Ismail Ayyoub: 2-0, gold

Abdullah Rahmatullah: 2-0, gold

Ty Hartley: 2-1, gold

Matt Vecchio: 2-1, silver

Gabrielle Chartrand: 2-1, silver

Ahmed Mohammed: 0-2, bronze

Connor Yetman: 0-2, bronze

Bailey Agard: 4-2

Fiona Kirby: 1-2

Gillian Diceman: 0-3

Quebec Open, November 25th

Kordell Reddick: 3-0, gold

Kathryn Robinson: 2-0, gold

Kristina Robinson: 1-0, gold

Ismail Ayyoub: 3-1, silver

Jessica Hong: 1-1, silver

Yasmina Younes: 2-1, silver

Virginie Clement: 1-1, silver

Cameron Snyder: 2-1, silver

Aidan Griffith-Jones: 0-1, silver

Charlotte Smith: 0-2, bronze

Connor Yetman: 0-2, bronze

Bailey Agard: 2-2

Ahmed Mohammed: 1-3

Ty Hartley: 0-2

Ryerson Open, November 11th

Kordell Reddick: 2-2

Abdullah Rahmatullah: 1-3

Ahmed Mohammed: 1-3

Ismail Ayyoub: 1-2

Bailey Agard: 1-3

Jessica Hong: 1-3