NCWC News, 2016/2017

Ontario Cup, July 9th

The NCWC brought three wrestlers down to Guelph for an off-season tournament. We were also happy to help coach the four Renfrew wrestlers who attended the tournament: Duncan Jamieson, Noah Hogan (6th place), Jolie Briso (3rd place), and Savana Pinsent (3rd place).

Devan Larkin: 2-2, bronze

Jessica Hong: 1-2, bronze

Ismail Ayyoub: 3-2, fourth

Canada East Youth Wrestling Festival, May 13th-14th

Five wrestlers traveled to Moncton, New Brunswick for the Canada East Youth Wrestling Festival. It was a great weekend, and one of the most successful tournaments yet for the NCWC youth team. Congratulations to all the youth on a great season!

Novice results

Cameron Snyder: 2-0, gold

Kid results

Kathryn Robinson: 3-0, gold

Kristina Robinson: 1-3

Bantam results

Mitchell Robinson: 2-1, silver

Virginie Clement: 1-1, silver

Ontario Summer Games Trials, May 6th

Three NCWC wrestlers went to Hamilton to compete at the trials for spots on Team Ontario at the Canada Summer Games. Ismail Ayyoub and Abdullah Rahmatullah entered the pool for the sake of experience, and while neither won a match, we were all glad they came and saw that level of wrestling. Devan Larkin started at the top of the ladder because of his gold medal from the Juvenile Provincial Championships. He defended his spot, going 0-2 in the best two out of three showdown against his opponent. He will wrestle off in July for the chance to go to Winnipeg and compete for Team Ontario at the Summer Games. Congratulations to Devan on that accomplishment!

Ontario Youth Wrestling Festival and Journeyman World Classic, April 22nd

The NCWC sent seven wrestlers to Orillia to compete at the Provincial Championships.

Novice results

Cameron Snyder: 1-1, silver

Kid results

Kathryn Robinson: 1-1, silver

Kristina Robinson: 1-2, bronze

Titus Diceman: 0-4

Bantam results

Mitchell Robinson: 1-1, silver

Fiona Kirby: 2-2, bronze

On the same day, Devan Larkin went 2-1 to win a bronze medal while wrestling with Team Ontario at the Journeyman World Classic. Congratulations to everyone who wrestled this weekend!

Junior Badgers Youth Tournament, April 15th

Kathryn Robinson: 3-0, gold

Mitchell Robinson: 2-2, silver

Cameron Snyder: 1-1, silver

Kristina Robinson: 0-2, bronze

Canadian Cadet/Juvenile Championships, April 7th-9th

The NCWC took ten wrestlers to the Cadet/Juvenile National Championships in Windsor, Ontario. It was a long and hard-fought weekend, with a lot of wrestlers showing off how hard they'd worked all year. We were all proud to be part of Team National Capital after this great season!

Juvenile results

Jessica Hong: 3-1, bronze

Devan Larkin: 2-2

Bailey Agard: 2-2

Abdullah Rahmatullah: 1-2

Nathan Hoyte: 1-2

Ahmed Mohammed: 1-2

Cadet results

Zaki Hamidi: 4-3, sixth

Ismail Ayyoub: 2-2

Cole McKee: 1-2

Moiz Lakhani: 1-2

Cadet UWW trials results

Jessica Hong: 1-2, third

Bailey Agard: 0-2

Greco-Roman results

Moiz Lakhani: 2-2

Montreal Open, March 18th

On March 18th, the NCWC sent a team of wrestler who ranged in age from novice to junior to the Montreal Open. It was a great way for the high school kids to prepare for nationals that youth team to prepare for the provincial championships/Canada East.

Moiz Lakhani: 3-0, gold

Klara Patel: 3-0, gold

Fiona Kirby: 3-0, gold

Kristina Robinson: 2-0, gold

Virginie Clement: 2-0, gold

Kordell Reddick: 3-1, silver

Ismail Ayyoub: 2-1, silver

Titus Diceman: 2-1, silver

Cameron Snyder: 1-1, silver

Mitchell Robinson: 1-1, silver

Gillian Diceman: 0-1, silver

Taha Chahrour: 2-2, bronze

Bailey Agard: 1-2, bronze

Kathryn Robinson: 1-2, bronze

Yousef Berjawi: 0-2

Ahmed Mohammed: 0-3

Mohawk Valley Tournament, March 11th

For the first time in many years, the NCWC did not send a team to Mohawk Valley in 2017. However, Devan Larkin did attend the tournament as a member of Team Ontario. He was entered in two categories; this involved wrestling some matches only five minutes apart. He wrestled eight matches total, finishing sixth in one bracket and winning silver in the other. Congratulations to Devan on the hard fought day!

OFSAA, March 2nd-3rd

The NCWC had its best performance in its history at the OFSAA Championships in 2017. Congratulations to everyone who competed!

Klara Patel: 4-0, gold

Devan Larkin: 3-1, silver

Jessica Hong: 3-1, silver

Ibrahim Ayyoub: 5-1, bronze

Matt Vecchio: 4-1, bronze

Bailey Agard: 4-2

Kordell Reddick: 3-2

Zaki Hamidi: 1-1 (withdrew due to injury)

Taha Chahrour: 1-2

Omar Jawhar: 1-2

Ismail Ayyoub: 1-2

Yousef Berjawi: 0-2

March Madness and USports Championships, February 25th

On February 25th, the NCWC sent Cameron Snyder to Milton for the March Madness tournament. He went 1-2 and came home with a bronze medal.

On the same weekend, several NCWC alumni competed at the USports Championships in Winnipeg. Rhiannon Digweed, competing for the university of Guelph, finished in fourth place. Alex Brown, competing for the University of New Brunswick, won a silver medal. And Ilya Abelev, also competing for the University of New Brunswick, finished his university wrestling career with his fifth gold medal at this tournament (CIS/USports). This is an historic accomplishment, and we are all proud to watch Ilya and other wrestlers from the NCWC achieve so much success as senior and varsity athletes!

Lexus Titans Youth Classic February 18th
Mitchell Robinson: 2-1, silver
Kathryn Robinson: 1-2, bronze
Kristina Robinson: 0-2, bronze

Ontario Cadet/Juvenile Championships, February 4th

The NCWC took a large team down to Brampton for the 2017 Cadet/Juvenile Provincial Championships. It was a very successful weekend with some excellent performances and results. Congratulations to everyone who gave the NCWC one of its most successful performances at provincials ever!

Juvenile Results

Devan Larkin: 4-0, gold

Ibrahim Ayyoub: 2-0, gold

Ahmed Mohammed: 2-2, fourth

Taha Chahrour: 2-3, sixth

Bailey Agard: 0-2

Cadet results

Cole McKee: 2-0, gold

Jessica Hong: 2-0, gold

Zaki Hamidi: 2-1, silver

Moiz Lakhani: 4-1, bronze

Matt Vecchio: 0-2, bronze

Omar Jawhar: 0-2

Yousef Berjawi: 0-2

Ontario Junior Championships, January 31st

The NCWC took two wrestlers to Sudbury for the 2017 Junior Provincial Championships. Both wrestlers are doing a last year of high school, and gained valuable experience as they prepare for OFSAA.

Klara Patel: 1-1, silver

Kordell Reddick: 0-2

National Capital Wrestling Festival, January 14th

The 13th annual National Capital Wrestling Festival was a great success, with nearly 200 wrestlers from tyke to junior. The NCWC would like to thank everyone who competed or coached team, as well as the referees and many volunteers who made our tournament possible. Here are the home team's results:

High School Age Groups
Devan Larkin: 4-0, gold
Klara Patel: 3-0, gold
Cole Mckee: 3-0, gold
Omar Jawhar: 3-0, gold
Moiz Lakhani: 3-0, gold
Kordell Reddick: 3-0, gold
Jessica Hong: 2-0, gold
Yousef Berjawi: 4-0, gold
Ty Hartley: 3-1, silver
Bailey Agard: 1-2, silver
Matt Vecchio: 1-1, silver
Ahmed Mohamed: 2-2, bronze
Ephrain Segal: 0-2, bronze
Pascal Howes: 0-2

Youth Age Groups
Virginie Clement: 3-0, gold
Cameron Snyder: 4-0, gold
Fiona Kirby: 3-0, gold
Ruby Muhl: 3-0, gold
Elliot Coburn-Pontello: 2-2, bronze
Titus Diceman: 2-2, bronze
Hector Muhl: 1-3
Gillian Diceman: 0-3

The NCWC welcomes new coach, Mohammed Alkrad!

The NCWC is happy to be joined by Mohammed Alkrad, who arrived in Canada in November 2016. He was a multi-time national champion in Syria before spending four years at the Za'atari Refugee Camp in Jordan, where he ran a wrestling program for the youth in the camp. When the NCWC first heard about the prospective new member earlier this year, club president Dean Sherratt sent wrestling shoes, t-shirts, and knee pads for the kids in the program. They sent back images of them being used:

Welcome to Canada and the NCWC, Mohammed; we look forward to having you on the team!

Matmen Classic, December 10th

This year, the Matmen Classic featured over 600 wrestlers from the Novice to Junior age groups. Every province in Canada except British Columbia and Newfoundland sent at least one team. The NCWC performed very well, bringing home a lot of things to be happy about and a lot of things to work on before the end of the season.

Kristina Robinson: 2-1, silver

Katheryn Robinson: 2-1, silver

Mitchell Robinson: 2-1, silver

Klara Patel: 2-1, silver

Zaki Hamidi: 2-1, silver (forfeited during his gold medal match with an injury)

Jessica Hong: 2-1, silver

Ibrahim Ayyoub: 3-1, bronze

Cameron Snyder: 2-2, bronze

Ahmed Mohammed: 2-1, bronze

Maeve Stinson: 1-0 (pulled out due to illness)

Bailey Agard: 0-2

Omar Jawhar: 0-2

Bill MacLeod Memorial Tournament, December 3rd

The NCWC went to Kingston for the Bill MacLeod Memorial Tournament to face off against the rest of Eastern Ontario, as well as Montreal and a couple of teams from the Toronto area. They had an excellent showing overall, bringing home seven medals for eight wrestlers.

Devan Larkin: 4-0, gold

Zaki Hamidid: 4-0, gold

Jessica Hong: 3-0, gold

Ahmed Mohammed: 2-0, gold

Klara Patel: 0-3, silver

Cole McKee: 3-1, bronze

Bailey Agard: 1-2, bronze

Bryson Cadieux: 1-3, fourth

Quebec Open, November 26th

Moiz Lakhani: 3-0, gold

Katheryn Robinson: 3-0, gold

Kristina Robinson: 1-1, silver

Cameron Snyder: 2-1, silver

Devan Larkin: 2-1 silver

Bailey Agard: 0-2, silver

Mitchell Robinson: 3-1, bronze

Ibrahim Ayyoub: 2-1, bronze

Ahmed Mohammed: 2-2, bronze

Sudbury Early Bird Tournament, November 19th
The NCWC started its high school season in Sudbury, at a tournament that drew wrestlers from Orillia to Montreal. It was a good way to get back into competition with such a big tournament.

Jessica Hong: 2-0, gold
Cole McKee: 2-0, gold
Klara Patel: 4-1, silver
Ahmed Mohammed: 3-1, silver
Mitchell Robinson: 3-1, silver
Taha Chahrour: 2-1, silver
Bailey Agard: 2-1, silver
Ty Hartley: 1-2, bronze

McMaster Invitational, October 29th

The NCWC sent two of their veteran wrestlers to compete against university-level competition at McMaster, continuing their preparation for the high school season.

Devan Larkin: 2-3

Klara Patel: 1-3

Concordia Invitational, October 23rd

The NCWC kicked off their season by taking five wrestlers to Concordia in Montreal. This was a university-level tournament with mostly junior- and senior-aged wrestlers so there were a lot of tough matches, but we had a good showing with three juvies, a first-year junior, and a cadet. They got in a lot of matches in round robins at the small tournament, and saw much tougher competition than they will for most of this season against their own age groups.

Klara Patel: 1-1, silver

Devan Larkin: 3-2, bronze

Zaki Hamidi: 1-4

Ibrahim Ayyoub: 0-4

Ahmed Mohamed: 0-3

September 1st: Welcome to the new season!

The 2016-2017 season is beginning, and this page will soon fill up fast with tournament results. In the mean time, here's a recap of what was an exciting summer for the NCWC.

Summer Games

This August, Sarah Stringer and Chris Schrauwen, along with Shohannah Smith from Renfrew, had the privelege of coaching Team Eastern Ontario at the Ontario Summer Games. This included two training camps: one in Ottawa with NCWC alumna Erica Weibe (just months before she left to compete successfully in Rio), and one in Kawartha with Senior National Champion Chris Prickett. This gave Eastern Ontario's wrestlers a chance to learn from two of the best Canadian wrestlers of the twenty-first century.

At the tournament, Eastern Ontario had a very good showing with the girls' team finishing second overall. The entire experience was a fantastic opportunity for NCWC wrestlers and coaches to get to know wrestlers from all over Eastern Ontario, and to facilitate a sense of community within the region. Friendships made at that tournament among wrestlers from different areas will last beyond this summer, and we hope continue to have chances to work with our partners throughout the region.

The Eastern Ontario girls team with their silver medals are in red:

2016 Cadet Pan-American Championships

At the National Championships in Calgary, the NCWC's Devan Larkin came second in the UWW Trials to quality for the Cadet Pan-American Championships. He traveled to Peru with Team Canada, representing his country against competition from all over North and South America. The NCWC rallied behind him, coming together to help him fund raise for the trip and the training camps that came before it.

Devan had the misfortune of losing in the first round to the other Canadian wrestler, but he gained an extraordinary amount of valuable experience from getting to train with the other Team Canada wrestlers and see a tournament of that caliber. Devan's success has been an inspiration to younger NCWC wrestlers, and we were all proud to see his years of hard work pay off as they did.

This highlight reel compiles some of Devan's best moments as a wrestler:

2016 Olympics

In August 2016, eight Canadian wrestlers (including a female wrestler in every Olympic weight class) competed at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Erica Weibe was among them, and on August 18th she defeated opponents from Germany, China, Belarus, and Kazakhstan to win a gold medal. She became the third Canadian Olympic Champion in wrestling.

Erica began her wrestling career in Ottawa, and wrestled for the NCWC from 2003 until 2007, when she left for the University of Calgary. Since then, she has come back every year and attended the NCWC practices, lending her expertise to new generations of wrestlers. She has also run two training camps for the NCWC, one with Dory Yeats, who went on to be her Olympic teammate.

Many NCWC wrestlers and coaches gathered at Chris Schrauwen's house to watch Erica's final match and celebrate her victory (CBC came by to film some of it), and when she got home a week later, a contingent of wrestlers, parents, and coaches from Ottawa and Renfrew greeted her at the airport. Erica's victory is an amazing source of inspiration to younger wrestlers, who got to see how far years of hard work can take them in the sport. The NCWC is proud to have such an accomplished alumna who represents the sport so well with her intelligence, character, and dedication; and lucky for all the ways over the years in which she's helped wrestling in her hometown thrive.

The NCWC is ready to go for another season after this busy and exciting summer!