NCWC News, 2014/2015

Canada East Youth Wrestling Festival, May 9th-10th

Ottawa sent four wrestlers to Canada East this year, and also coached alumna Marielle Digweed, who was the only wrestler from her Windsor team to compete. The young wrestlers had a fantastic time at the tournament in Niagara Falls, taking advantage of the coupons for laser tag and other games in the area, learned a lot, and bonded with each other and with the sport of wrestling.

Kid results

Matthew Vecchio: 1-1, silver

Isa Khan: 0-2, bronze

Yusef Khan and Connor Yetman were the only ones in their category; Yusef beat Connor in a 3-match battle for the gold medal. The gameplan for both wrestlers is to grow by next season, so they can start having other wrestlers their size.

Bantam results

Marielle Digweed: 1-2, fifth

Ontario Youth Wrestling Festival, April 25th

The NCWC sent five wrestlers to the Youth Wrestling Festival in Milton, where they also coached alumna Marielle Digweed, who now wrestles with Windsor.

Matthew Vecchio: 1-0, gold

Isa Khan: 1-1, silver

Yusef Khan: 0-2, bronze (one of those losses coming to his brother Isa)

Mitchell Robinson: 2-2, bronze

Canaan Trimm: 0-3

Marielle Digweed: 0-2

On the same day, Devan Larkin wrestled with Team Ontario at the Journeyman Duals in New York. He went 1-2, with his win coming in a weight class up.

Cadet/Juvenile National Championships, April 9th
The NCWC ended the Cadet/Juvenile season by sending six wrestlers and three coaches to the National Championships in Fredericton. Due to a new format, all the male wrestlers completed the tournament in one day. They all fought hard and learned a lot from this tough tournament.

Cadet results
Nathan Hoyte: 2-1, silver
Devan Larkin: 4-2, fourth (he should be especially commended for the heart showed in his bronze medal match, where he used up all his blood and injury time while wrestling through a very bad cut on his lip)
Ibrahim Ayoub: 1-2

Juvenile results
Evan Takach: 1-2
Reza Fakhraei: 0-2
Taylor Fry: 0-1, withdrew due to injury

Jr. Badgers Youth Tournament, April 4th

The NCWC had the Digweed girls (Rhiannon now with Guelph, Marielle now with Windsor) join them again for a tournament in Beamsville the weekend before Cadet/Juvenile Nationals. Cadet/Juveniles, first years Juniors, and Youth wrestlers were all able to compete.

Isa Khan: 2-1, silver

Yusef Khan: 0-2, bronze

Terrence Stewart: 4-0, gold

Moiz Lakhani: 2-2, fourth

Rhiannon Digweed: 4-0, gold

Marielle Digweed: 2-0, gold

Junior/Senior National Championships, March 21st-22nd

The NCWC had three current wrestlers compete at the Junior/Senior Championships in St. Catherine's, in addition to alumni from across the country.

Senior Freestyle results:

Erica Wiebe (Calgary Dinos Wrestling Club): 3-1, silver

Ilya Abelev (Black Bear Wrestling Club): 5-1, bronze

Alex Brown (Black Bear Wrestling Club): 4-1, bronze

Joe Greer (National Capital Wrestling Club): 1-2

Junior Freestyle results:

Augusta Eve (Team Impact): 3-0, gold

Rhiannon Digweed (Guelph Wrestling Club): 0-2

Emma Crouch (Guelph Wrestling Club): 0-2

Senior Greco-Roman results:

Alex Brown (Black Bear Wrestling Club): 2-1, silver

Joe Greer (National Capital Wrestling Club): 0-3, fourth

Junior Greco-Roman results:

Mahmoud Kenawi (National Capital Wrestling Club): 2-2, bronze

Mohawk Valley International Wrestling Festival, March 14th-15th

The NCWC sent a few wrestlers to Canastota, New York, and gained valuable experience with the National Championships approaching. Alumnae Rhiannon and Marielle Digweed (Rhiannon now wrestling with the University of Guelph, Marielle now wrestling with the Windsor Wrestling Club) came down for the tournament as well, and wrestled with the NCWC.

Rhiannon Digweed: 3-1, silver (with the loss coming to a multi-time American National Champion and a World medalist)

Marielle Digweed: 2-2, bronze

Devan Larkin (competing an age group up in the High School Open division against Juveniles, despite being a Cadet): 3-2, fifth

Maly Muk: 0-1, withdrew due to injury

Joe Greer: 0-2

OFSAA Champoinships, March 3rd-4th

Though it is not a club event, the NCWC was proud to see so many of its wrestlers have successful performances while competing for their high school teams at OFSAA.

Andrea Pretty: 5-1, bronze

Mel Eve: 5-2, fourth

Klara Patel: 3-3, sixth

Adelaide Eve: 2-3, sixth

Evan Takach: 3-2

Devan Larkin: 2-2

Reza Fakhraei: 1-2

Evan Walker: 1-2

Ibrahim Ayoub: 1-2

Dan Allen: 0-2

A few days earlier, club alumnus Ilya Abelev won a CIS gold medal in Edmonton at the 76 kilogram weight class while competing for the University of New Brunswick. This was his fourth CIS title, as he's won it previously at 65, 68, and 72 kilograms. Four CIS gold medals in four times competing and four different weight class is an extremely impressive accomplishment with very little (if any) precedent, the NCWC is very proud to watch Ilya continue to achieve great things as a senior wrestler.

Quebec Provincial Championships, February 21st

On February 21st, Nathan Hoyte and Moiz Lakhani both won gold medals at Quebec Provincials; Nathan in the Cadet division and Moiz in the Bantam division. Both NCWC wrestlers won all their matches by technical superiority. As a resident of Quebec, Nathan qualified for the national championships with this victory. Moiz is a resident of Ontario, but was able to gain valuable experience going into the youth season. Congratulations to both wrestlers!

NCSSAA City Finals, February 18th

While the NCSSAA finals are a high school-sanctioned event, many NCWC wrestlers competed with great success. All who won silver or gold qualified for the OFSAA Championships in Windsor.

Adelaide Eve: gold, 41 kgs

Evan Walker: silver, 47.5 kgs

Mel Eve: gold, 51 kgs

Reza Fakhraei: gold, 57.5 kgs

Evan Takach: gold, 61 kgs

Dan Allen: silver, 61 kgs

Devan Larkin: gold, 61 kgs

Andrea Pretty: gold, 64 kgs

Klara Patel: silver, 67.5 kgs

Maly Muk: bronze, 67.5 kgs

Ibrahim Ayoub: gold, 83 kgs

Renfrew Rumble, February 14th

In a testament to the club's growing youth program, the NCWC sent a strong team of novices, kids, bantams, and cadets to Renfrew's annual tournament for younger wrestlers.

Yusuf Khan: 4-0, gold

Isa Khan: 2-0, gold

Connor Yetman: 2-0, gold

Makhena Guerin: 3-0, gold

Canaan Trimm: 3-1, silver

Moiz Lakhani: 2-1, silver

Evan Walker: 2-1, silver

Jack Gaetz: 0-3, silver (one very tough opponent in his category, wrestled him three times)

Nathaniel Holder: 2-1, silver

Mitchell Robinson: 1-2, bronze

On the same day, NCWC alumni across the country competed at CIS qualifiers in Ontario (Tom Marshall with Queen's, and Rhiannon Digweed with Guelph), Western Canada (Ben Christopher with Winnipeg), and Atlantic Canada (Ilya Abelev with New Brunswick). Ben won bronze and Ilya won gold, qualifying them both for the for the Canadian Interuniversity Championships in Edmonton.

Junior and Cadet/Juvenile Provincial Championships

On January 31st, Evan Takach competed in the 60-kilogram weight class at the Ontario Junior Provincial Championships in Hamilton. He went 3-3 in a tough category, wrestling six matches in three hours and the last three matches in one hour, with exactly twenty-minute breaks in between. He finished in sixth place.

NCWC alumni Tom Marshall (Queen's) and Rhiannon Digweed (Guelph) also competed at Juniors, with Rhiannon finishing second in the 51-kilogram category. 

The Cadet/Juvenile Provincial Championships were the next weekend, held on February 7th-8th. The NCWC sent fourteen wrestlers, and finished with three medals and three more on the podium. Congratulations to everyone who competed.

Cadet/Juvenile Provincials results

Devan Larkin: 4-0, gold

Klara Patel: 1-1, silver

Adelaide Eve: 1-1, silver

Noah Robert: 2-2, fourth

Evan Takach: 3-2, fifth

Mel Eve: 3-2, fifth

Evan Walker: 2-2

Reza Fakhraei: 2-2

Dan Allen: 1-2

Maly Muk: 0-2

Brad Wisenfeld: 0-2

Taylor Fry: 0-2

Cemal Gunenc: 0-2

National Capital Wrestling Festival, January 17th

On January 17th, the NCWC hosted its 11th annual wrestling tournament, for high school wrestlers and well as Novices, Kids and Bantams. Thanks to St. Patrick's High School for hosting our tournament, as they have for many years in the past, and always making it a success.

Novice/Kid/Bantam results

Connor Yetman: gold

Matthew Vecchio: gold

Austin Viau: gold

Makhena Guerin: silver

Yusuf Khan: silver

Moiz Lakhani: silver

Mitchell Robinson: bronze

High school results

Adelaide Eve: gold

Melbourne Eve: gold

Terence Stewart: gold

Evan Takach: gold

Devan Larkin: gold

Reza Fakhraei: silver

Noah Robert: silver

Dan Allen: silver

Evan Walker: bronze

Klara Patel: bronze

Taylor Fry: bronze

Jeff Williamson: bronze

Brad Wisenfeld: fourth

Also on January 17th, Joe Greer competed for the NCWC at the Guelph Open, where he faced very tough competition and finished with a record of 1-2. NCWC alumni Ilya Abelev and Alex Brown also competed for the University of New Brunswick, with Ilya taking gold and Alex taking fourth.

Eastern Ontario Championships, December 20th

Evan Takach: 4-0, gold

Klara Patel: 2-0, gold

Maya Masudde: 2-1, silver

Khalid Mahmoud: 1-1, silver

Dan Allen: 3-1, silver

Andrea Pretty: 2-1, silver

Reza Fakhraei: 2-2, bronze

Noah Robert: 1-2, fourth

Wenell Joseph: 1-2

Abdullah Ghader: 1-2

Evan Walker: 0-2

Jacob McQuillan: 0-2

Matmen Classic, December 13th

Evan Takach: 3-0, gold
Adelaide Eve: 2-0, gold
Mel Eve: 2-1, silver
Klara Patel: 3-1, bronze
Andrea Pretty: 1-2
Mahmoud Emawy: 0-2
Khalid Mahmood: 0-2
Maly Muk: 0-1
Reza Fakhraei: 0-2
Nathan Hoyte: 0-3

Special mention to alumnus Wassim Ghadban, who went 2-0 for gold while competing for Impact but rocking an NCWC singlet, and threw in a suplex.

Bill MacLeod Memorial Tournament, December 6th

Evan Takach: 4-0, gold
Khalid Mahmood: 4-0, gold
Evan Walker: 2-1, gold
Brad Wisenfeld: 2-1, silver
Andrea: 2-1, bronze
Dan Allen: 2-2, bronze
Maly Muk: 2-2, bronze

Quebec Open, November 29th
Nathan Hoyte: 3-0, gold
Evan Walker: 3-0, gold
Khalid Mahmood: 1-0, gold
Andrea Pretty: 2-1, silver
Klara Patel: 1-2, bronze
Reza Fakhraei: 2-3, 4th
Isa Khan: 0-0 (nobody his size, but had several good exhibitions against heavier opponents)
Yusuf Khan: 0-1, silver (also had several good exhibition matches)

Sudbury Early Bird Tournament, November 8th

The NCWC had a great performance at their opening high school tournament, winning several medals, as well as multiple exhibition matches. The full results, including exhibition matches, are:

Evan Takach: 3-0, gold

Andrea Pretty: 3-0, gold

Reza Fakhraei: 2-0, gold

Evan Walker: 2-3, gold (lost exhibition matches to wrestlers in heavier and more experienced categories)

Noah Robert: 3-1, silver

Dan Allen: 1-2, bronze

On the same day, alumnus Ben Christopher competed at the Wesmen Open in Winnipeg, where he wrestled for the home team. He teched a heavier wrestler to go 1-0 at the dual meet, and then went 2-1 to capture the gold medal in a round-robin category at the tournament. It was a great day for NCWC wrestlers, past and present.

Concordia Inviational, October 26th

The NCWC started its 2014/2015 season by sending a few of its older wrestlers to Concordia University's annual tournament. They all gained valuable experience, and look forward to beginning the high school season soon.

Evan Takach: 2-2, 5th

Reza Fakhraei: 0-2

Joe Greer: 0-2