NCWC Mission, Vision, and Values


Our goal is to provide the best possible development opportunities for Ottawa-area wrestlers. We augment the junior high and high school programs in providing year-round development for our athletes.


To offer a strong community for wrestlers across the National Capital Region, and to establish and maintain Ottawa's place as a powerhouse of wrestling within Canada and beyond.


We welcome wrestlers of all abilities and experience levels. Some of our wrestlers have become national and international champions, and some never compete at all. Reasons to join the club include staying in shape, having fun in a sport you love, succeeding in competitions, cross-training for martial arts or other sports, and benefiting from the social and confidence-building aspects of wrestling. We welcome wrestlers who are here for any or all of those reasons.

The NCWC is committed to making wrestling accessible to individuals and families of all income levels. We make accommodations for those who cannot afford our membership fees or other costs associated with the sport.

Through the NCWC, our wrestlers grow athletically, socially, academically, and personally. We always put their health, safety, and best interests first.