The High Performance Program

On Friday nights, the NCWC offers high performance practices to athletes who have shown commitment to the sport of wrestling, and who want to improve their skills for the purpose of competition. These practices offer one-on-one coaching and individualized training. The program is invite-only. This is not a beginner-level class, and all athletes must develop their skills in the open practices, and show a drive and desire to take their wrestling to a higher level, before being invited to high performance practices. All athletes develop at different paces, and whether an athlete is ready for the high performance program is at the discretion of the head coach. This program is only for athletes in grade nine or older.

What goes on at a High-Performance Practices?

The goal of the high performance practices is to allow for continued growth and improvement of athletes who have been training for some time with an emphasis on individualized technique and tactics for competition. Once an athlete has spent some time building a foundation of wrestling techniques and tactics, we can start to focus on refining individual strengths and improving identified weaknesses.

These practices are much less structured than open practices, which is one of the reasons why we need athletes to be at a certain level of development to benefit from this style of training. We expect a certain level of investment from the athletes when it comes to this. While the coaches will often have ideas of things they would like to work on, we encourage athletes to self-analyze and take ownership of their wrestling game as a whole.

Who Should Come to High Performance Practices?

High performance practices are closed practices; only coaches and athletes who have been invited to attend will be welcomed into the room. We kindly ask that any family or friends please wait outside during practice times. The goal of the closed practice environment is to minimize distractions and encourage idea sharing among athletes, which is easier to do without spectators. Family and friends of athletes are always welcome to spectate at our other practices (open and youth) in a quiet and respectful manner.

Have High Goals and Haven't Been Invited to High Performance Practices?

Don’t sweat it! Everybody develops at their own pace. For many athletes, our open practices are the best place to develop their wrestling skills. Getting invited to these practices shouldn't be a wrestler's goal; we want our athletes to focus on commitment and self-improvement, and the rest will come with time.

For athletes who have been consistently at practice at least 2-3 times per week for some time and have higher aspirations, it is always encouraged to engage the coaches. If you haven’t been invited to the high-performance practices but do have higher goals, the coaches will work on this with you if you discuss it with them. If the coaches do not believe you are at a level at which the high performance practices will benefit you, they will let you know where you can focus your energy instead. Many basic technical skills can be refined at home or at the gym. Athletic abilities such as core strength and fitness can be worked on outside of practice. Bringing a journal to practice can help with learning and retention of technique. Effort in = effort out.

We want all our athletes to feel engaged and supported in their wrestling experience with our club. Remember that our high performance practices are just one of many tools our athletes can use to become successful.

High Performance Program Schedule

Friday: 6-8 PM, Brookfield High School (824 Brookfield Road)